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News from our Area 87 Chair

Hello to you

Unfortunately, we learned, along with you yesterday, that the entire Greater Montreal area has moved to the RED zone, which means full alert regarding the pandemic.

The authorities did not mention specifically whether community meetings such as AA meetings would have to close. BUT one thing is for sure they strongly suggested that we not go out for 28 days and even avoid any family gatherings at home. So, we can assume that even more reason there should be no gatherings in AA meeting rooms.

Each group is autonomous. It is free to close or not to close for a period of 28 days, but it would be a real shame if our members got sick because they attended meetings and did not follow the government’s instructions.

Moreover, if outbreaks develop in meeting rooms and the media reports on them, it would be deplorable for the reputation of the Fellowship as a whole.

We strongly suggest that all members of the Area who are in the red or orange zone stay home to help everyone stay healthy. There are alternatives with Zoom and phone meetings. Consult the virtual meeting list posted on our website or the Meeting Guide app. Both are updated regularly.

One day at a time, we will get through this!

Sylvie B.

Area 87 Chair

September 29, 2020

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