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Letter March 21st 2020

Hello Friends of Area87

What a time!!
A simple letter of love to keep you as aware and informed as possible during this very challenging and different time in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Received a letter from our General Service Office on March 20th from the General Manager Greg T.
NYC is locked down. Every non essential service has been stopped. The General Service Board was actively looking into outside resources to accommodate the first ever “virtual” General Service Conference. As of right now, that has stopped as well. Due to the Covid-19 virus and NYC laws, there was no other alternative. We have been assured that all other avenues are being explored. Updates will follow once there are new developments.

Our General Service Office at 475 Riverside Drive is CLOSED. Staff are safely working on all our behalf from home.

Please help by taking advantage of our ability to continue to “pass the basket” by sending your contributions online. Our services are vital to our existence. Your contributions will help to maintain these crucial services. Without them, what services will we decide to stop? I hope we never have to choose.

Grapevine/La Vigne and La Vina subscriptions are also tremendously valuable now. A meeting in print and a great source of providing online meeting topics via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and other virtual platforms. Not to mention, one alcoholic talking with another on the phone.
More to come the next coming days/weeks.

Thank you friends.
We need you. Together we can, Alone we can not.
Much love and gratitude

Ruth Llano
Delegate Panel 70

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