Markers required for inclusion on the Area website

The Website committee is mandated to respect the AA du Québec website committee’s guidelines and to protect our Three Legacies.

Based on these principles, the committee established two important markers for all entities choosing to be included on our website:

  1. Each must respect the Publication Policy for all content accessible to the public.
  2. Each entity must nominate a single representative who is responsible for the transmission of all information in public pages.

The responsibility of each entity
present on the Area website

Each entity of our Area (Area Assembly, Area Steering Committee, Area Committee, Area Service Committee, District, A.A. group, Area Archives) that chooses to be on our Area website is responsible for the content of the web pages, including updates it requests to be published by the Website committee on its pages or in its name.

General pages

The Committee is responsible for the content of general pages, defined as those that do not belong to an entity in particular. For the most-part, these are directly accessible from the Home page of the Area website.


The Committee is responsible for the overall design of the Area Website.

Before undertaking work that alters the design, in part or in whole, the entities that will be affected will be consulted for their input on planned changes and final suggestions.

A single representative for each entity

The Website committee is aware of a variety of multi-ethnic communication and procedures for decision-making exist within entities that have or will have pages on our Area website. The Workgroup has no opinion on this subject but is conscious that these differences exist, often for very good reasons.

However, the committee also has a responsibility to ensure that the content it publishes in the name of these entities is “legitimate”. Excluding A.A. groups in the area, there are over forty entities present on our Area website. The Committee recognizes only one representative per entity.

For example, an area service committee may find it efficient to have several members, each working on a different activity for the committee, send us information for their web pages. Understanding that this may be more efficient and if any coordination is required for publication, it is preferable in maintaining our common welfare that this coordination be carried out by the committee itself. All that is published in the name of the committee must come from a single representative.

The representative recognized by the Website committee is:

  • Named by the entity or
  • If the entity does not name a representative, or has not yet named one, the Website committee will recognize the entity’s “official” representative.

The representatives identified by Area website section[1] :

  • General web pages: The Area Website Committee Coordinator.
  • Area Assembly web pages: The Area Chairperson
  • Area Steering Committee web pages: The Area Chairperson
  • Area Committee web pages: The Area Chairperson
  • All District web pages: The DCM
  • All Area Service Committee web pages: The committee coordinator
  • Archives web pages: The Area Archivist

[1] The case for A.A. Groups is different. The Area Website Committee has no access to information regarding elected members in A.A. groups such as contact information for the G.S.R. Information published on behalf of A.A. groups then must be submitted by the representative of their district or directly by the Area Service office.

Pages in development

While the Committee prepares suggestions for the content of pages, be it for a district, committee or other entity, the Website committee remains responsible for the content of these pages until they are adopted by the entity concerned.

As a result, the Committee also has the responsibilty to insure that all non-approved pages carry a notice “Page is not public domain – Content in development”.

The Committee also ensures that no link exists between unpublished pages and our Area Website until approval is given.