The mandate of the Committee is to carry the AA message in the Treatment Facilities Centres by organizing AA meetings in those places. The Committee also provides free literature to those who need it, thanks to an annual budget allowed by the Area 87 Committee (meetings’ lists and pamphlets first, books and more costly items in a restricted way).

The Committee also sponsors a meeting for deaf people and pays for the services of a French sign language interpreter.

The Committee has also set up a “Bridging the Gap” type of program for Area 87 to temporarily sponsor recovering alcoholics, when they’re released from a treatment facility, in order to bring them to AA meetings. The direct cooperation of concerned DCM’s and GSR’s in the various districts of Area 87, and the cooperation of faithful servants from other Areas as well, if necessary, is critical to the success of this 12th Step activity.

Three AA publications deal directly with the activities of a Treatment Facilities committee : brochures like “AA in Treatment Facilities” and “Bridging the Gap”, and the “AA Guidelines” dealing with Treatment Facilities (service publication).

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