CPC – Activities

[AA members are not content to sit and follow a set of rules. It is first and foremost a fellowship of action. It is in this spirit that the CPC takes charge of various activities aimed at developing cooperation with the professional community.

The members of the CPC engage themselves in the following tasks :

  • They visit professional organizations, Universities and Cegeps in order to explain our fellowship’s mission and how it works, who we are and where to reach us, what we can do and cannot do. At these meetings there is an oral presentation supported by a power point presentation and is then followed by a share of “experience, strength and hope” by an AA member.
  • They keep in contact with educational institutions as well as representatives from various associations and respond to all of their invitations.
  • They take part in conventions, seminars and workshops etc. organized by various associations dealing with psychology, sexology, social services, health, law enforcement, the police etc.
  • They make known the committee’s activities in relation with the AA fellowship.
  • They meet together periodically to discuss current activities, to decide future activities and to evaluate activities that have taken place.
  • They participate at the Provincial assembly as well as the “Open House” at the area 87 service office.

Within their activities, the CPC committee members always protect their anonymity and offer their services for free.